Monday, May 13, 2013

inGrid Chapter 1~


The Temple Knights are held responsible with the duty of fighting demons for the sake of the Saint, who's the symbol of the church. The Saint, unique to their country, exists to help save people from a mysterious illness that happens around the time of a new moon. Due to this, many people became followers [of the church]. Temple Knight Murray, was brought up under the Saint's guidance, but how will he deal with the realization that the actions of the church go against the very teachings it spreads? (Description from with edits by me).

Chapter 1:  Batoto  ||  Download

We already got a lot of support when it was announced we'd be picking this up! Thanks everyone, we're proud to present you our hard work! Look forward to more inGrid in the near future; we've already started chapter 2!



  1. wogh all of your projects are kinda... suit my taste! Especially from the artwork side :9
    Thank you so much for your hardwork! Releases are always welcomed, but don't exhaust/exert yourself ( '3')<3

  2. thank you \o/ i rly want to read this so i'm glad you guys picked this up 8D

  3. Im also glad you guys picked this up :) ! I love and enjoy this manga already :) ! Please update soon bye ~ Keep up the good work !

  4. Hi guys! Thanks very much for hard work.

    I´m from an spanish scanlation group and i would love to work in inGrid. Of course we´ll credit you.
    I hope you say yes, please.
    I leave my data.

    Group: Sweet Yaoi Fansub. (do various genres)

    Thank you so, so much for this great project!!


  5. Thank you!! Can finally read InGrid!