Monday, July 8, 2013

JOKE:ЯR'S Chapter 2~

It's been a while, eh?  But I think this chapter is worth it! Kurage Ichi's art is so cool~ *_* 

Anyway, before getting to the chapter we'd like to announce that we'd love to have a redrawer or two to help us out on the projects!  Wolf and I both try our best to redraw properly but the quality would be much higher if someone talented and experienced could help us out. Of course, we'll credit you and you'll get to claim to be part of our incredibly rad group. <3

Now here's the chapter:

Enjoy, everyone~! Look forward to more releases from our group in a week or so.



  1. Thanks for the lovely chapter!

  2. Love this chapter ! Its even more interesting :) ! Im on the edge of my seat ! Keep up the good work bye~

  3. i wonder if you guys are going to take a long time just to release chapter 3

    1. Translation is already finished for chapter 3 and cleaning is in progress. We work hard on each chapter and we are all excited to release the chapters as quickly as we finish them so please wait patiently. ^ ^

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