Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sen-ichi-ya DROP Chapter 1~

Hello all, DDS has a lot of news to share today, so let's get started! First off, we have a new series for you this time! It's called Sen-ichi-ya DROP by Igarashi Ran. It's really funny so check it out!

Nadir is a sun-hating, anemic, young man who just wants to provide a stable life for his little sister, Amina. So he decides to take the Public Service Exam and get a job! However, on his way he's kidnapped by bandits and just as things begin looking hopeless he finds a mysterious lamp... How will this alter his destiny!?


Secondly, we have two announcements today: 

1. As some may have heard, we have taken over Crimezone by Yamamoto Kenji and Tokiya Seigo from Fallen Syndicate. You can expect that release soon; we've completed the TL for chapter 12 and cleaning and typesetting is in progress as I type this! It's an exciting chapter too, so look forward to it!

2. It seems that inGrid was axed in Zero Sum magazine at chapter 12. DDS still plans to work on this but because it's no longer being published it will be a low priority project.   



  1. Sweet thanks for the new series, thought it was funny. Hope to see how it progresses.

  2. Can I get your acceptance to Translate this manga to vietnameses? Please? ^^ .

    1. Please send your group name and website information to our email. ^ ^